cripples can have dull days too

It has been quite a dull day, really. At least, dull in the sense that nothing blogworthy happened. Read two or three articles in screen, which really helped my understanding of the formation of the scopic drive. I popped into Crewe in search of a costume for Saturday night. Then came home to do more online research before dinner. I had a night in; put on my cat zentai for a bit, etc. see – we cripples can have dull days too!

tory expenses

It seems that the telegraph isn’t so biased after all. It’s done the fair thing, and dished the dirt on the Tory expenses too. Of course, you just knew that the Tories would be as bad, if not worse, as labour at getting the public to pay their bills. The question was, would it emerge, or would they pay off the journalists to keep it quiet. Seems that nobody has enough money to bribe journalists these days, not even Tories. I must say, though, CaMoron is putting on quite a good show of being surprised and angry, but we all know what a good actor he is.

star trek

I went to the cinema today to watch star trek. I whish I could say I liked it more. To be fair, it blew me away in terms of it’s references; yet something does not sit quite comfortably with me. Without wanting to spoil it for anyone, it pretty much renders most of star trek cannon void by radically altering ‘the past’. This creates a paradox which I cannot bring myself to forgive. Sure, it paves the way for sequels, and perhaps in the sequel they’ll put the paradox right, but I left the theatre mildly disappointed. It’s great to see the franchise back, and I loved the little touches – we now know the fate of captain Archer’s dog – but, on the whole, I cant say I liked this film as much as I wanted to.

scared, excited

Here I am back in halls. Sorry I didn’t blog Friday – it was a fairly busy day, and I didn’t get chance. Luke and yan were home for the weekend too, and we had a fairly good time. Notably they came up on the train.

Must admit I’m more than a little worried about what I’m about to try. I’ve not gone on the train alone before. The rail journey should be ok – assuming the doors are wide enough for my chair – but mum’s description of Euston at rush hour sounded hellish. I think I’ll change the ticket for an earlier journey. Originally it was that late so I could work, but I’m not sure it would be a good idea to try to navigate my chair through a busy train station at 5pm on a Friday afternoon. Plus I’m considering taking a PA; much safer.

On the plus side, I’ve arranged to meet the joneses down there on Saturday. Hugh attends Goldsmiths uni, which is apparently 20 minutes drive from Lyn’s. it just so happens that Charlie, will and Mrs j. are down there to watch hugh’s performance Friday, so we are gonna meet them for coffee or something. Then in the evening we have Lyn’s party. And I can’t wait to see her as Marilyn Munroe.

Scary stuff, but if it all works, it should rule.

the final frontier

It now seems an age ago that Charlie Jones used to push me back home. We used to go out in the evenings, to brandies or wherever, and she used to push me back, singing. Often I used to look up and the sky would be clear, and I would see a billion stars, and I used to wonder.

I always have wondered whether we are alone in the galaxy. The earth cannot be the only inhabited planet. That’s why I find the stars so beautiful, so mystical. They are symbols of human potential – goals for us to try to reach. Tomorrow, of course, sees the return of star trek to cinema screens – the franchise which reminds us all of what we can be. It is the reason why I look up; and star trek, more or less, is why I still have faith in humanity. If humankind is ever to progress, we must forget our childish fights, our dependence on wealth, our differences, and we must work as one. we must all work together towards a goal: the final frontier, in more ways than one.

chairs and trains

I just feel like moaning today. My chair’s broken again – a fault with the drive/push switch, I think – and I decided to go for a walk earlier, which was a mistake. My back and ribs hurt like hell now. So, one way or another, I’m not having a very good day.

I am, however, pleased with myself for what I did yesterday. I plucked up the courage to buy train tickets to go to Lyn’s. it’s her birthday party a week on Saturday, and I don’t intend to miss it. I have never been on the train alone before, so it feels like an adventure. When you think about it, though, it’s nothing really special: it’ll simply be a case of rolling on at Crewe and off at Euston. I’ve arranged for the appropriate assistance, and Lyn will meet me her end. Piece of cake! Plus, my friends have done much more than getting on a train: summers in Ibiza, teaching in china, etc. still, this is my first attempt, so I’m nervous.

I hope my chairs fixed in time, but there are still ways around it if she isn’t. you know, writing this has cheered me up.

the model of the Eiffel tower

The Eiffel tower us missing! I think it disappeared over the weekend. Not the real Eiffel tower, of course. If that went missing, you’d have learned about it long before now. Nor do I think that the citizens of France rely on me for their news. If my site was going to be the one to break the news about the Eiffel tower being missing, it would have to have lots more grunting and…. That’s enough of that sentence.

Basically, the small model of the Eiffel tower which I got in Paris has come off it’s keyring. I look at it from time to time – it cheers me up. But I looked for it in the cue in the bank earlier, and it wasn’t there. I remember getting it, given to me by a north African man selling them under the tower itself, as charlotte and I approached the famous landmark. Since then, I’d taken it everywhere with me. I suppose it was only a cheap little thing, but, like the badge, which is currently safe on my desk at home, it meant quite a bit to me.

dark abniversery

The bbc has reminded me that it was 30 years ago today that Thatcher was elected. As an anniversary it’s hardly worth celebrating: kind of like celebrating the anniversary of the outbreak of war or the bombing of pearl harbour. Thatcher ripped the heart out of British industry; thousands lost their jobs because of that narrowminded bint. No doubt the Tories will be celebrating in between helping CaMoron buy new carpet for number ten and putting on their shallow act of compassion. I hope this anniversary serves to remind people just how damaging a Tory government would be.

will the enterprise fly again?

I am off home shortly. I think I need another weekend at home, but while last week was a 007-oriented weekend, I’m in more of a star trek mood. I’m really looking forward to JJ Abrams’ Star Trek film, which opens next Friday. I don’t think I’ve been this nervous or ambivilant about a film since Lord of the Rings came to the screen: It looks like a complete reboot of the franchise so this could be either the final nail in Star Trek’s coffin, or its rebirth. It could go either way. Like a literary adaptation it must remain faithful to the original but at the same time reinvent it. I really hope the director succeeds, but I’m not sure it’s possible. Who knows, this could be the beginning of a new series, or sequence of films. Or it could be the last flight of the Enterprise before it’s placed in mothbsalls.