Much better

Last night was much better. It wasn’t really a party as such – more just gathering of friends. We talked, listened to music, ate and drank, and generally had a good time. We should have such evenings more often. This morning I got up feeling more positive about things: my problem is that, now my thesis is almost finished, my formal education is more or less over and I need something to fill it’s place. Lack of activity is making me introspective and maudlin: I start to worry again about things like my absences. Thus, while out for my walk this afternoon*, I popped in to the local school again to ask about starting to volunteer again, and they want me to help in a session this thursday and friday. I also have a film to work on, and Lyn’s biography to start. I have some busy days ahead of me, all being well, and with any luck a few more cool evenings too.

*note to parents – glasses now fixed

Party 2

Yesterday was a bit of a flop: nobody came to our party. Tonight, however, is fast shaping up to be much better. When i told our PA today, mitchell, that nobody came last night, he proposed another party tonight to make up for it. He started phoning people, and things are now warming up.The music has started and dinner is being prepared. Watch this space.

The day before the big night

It is the day before a big night. I always hate the waiting, the wondering what to do, the twiddling of thumbs. Marta and I went to ASDA yesterday to get everything we might need as well as doing the weekly shop, so we are probably okay in terms of supplies, although sod’s law inevitably decrees that we will run out of something. At the moment, Lyn is about to take her bath – she has been very busy recently, working on the release of this new track and composing a new one she has been commissioned to do. Her productivity puts me to shame.

I’m really looking forward to this evening. Touch wood, plenty of people will show up and I’ll have lots to write about on here tomorrow. Paul, our saturday PA, has very kindly made a tray of delicious-looking sandwiches; Lyn is getting the music ready, and I…well, I’m just wondering how to help. I am feeling the same sense of excited anticipation I always get before a big event. I always seem to regress to childhood on days like these , feeling like a small boy on christmas eve. I’ll let you know how it goes. Please come if you can, but if you can’t, just buy Lyn’s Night Dreaming single and enjoy it with us through the ether.

Night Dreaming video

I would, of course, be a very lax boyfriend if I did not direct you here to the video Lyn made for Night Dreaming. The track is available on Itunes, but Lyn made a video to promote it (with a little help from yours truly). As I noted a couple of days ago, I think it rally is an awesome piece, and one of Lyn’s best. We are having a get together at our place on saturday at 8; please come if you can, and, if you’re a music-type, bring an instrument!

A protest followed by a walk.

It has been a bit of a strange day, although one not without it’s perks. I decided to go to another protest up in westminster, this time against the bedroom tax. As you may know, there was supposed to be an opposition day debate over it, so a protest had been organised accordingly and advertised on Facebook. While this grossly unfair tax does not affect us directly (yet), I felt I needed to go up in solidarity, as it hits those with disabilities the hardest.

It was easy enough to get there, but when I got to parliament square all hell was breaking loose: apparently a suspicious package had been found and the place had to be evacuated. How very convenient for the tories. I eventually caught up with my fallow protestors outside parliament. They were quite pissed off – the debate had had to be abandoned and indeed Iain Duncan-Smith had not had the honour or integrity to show up in the first place. I think that tells you all you need to know about the honourless scum currently running the country.

The protest broke up un due course, giving me an opportunity. It occurred to me recently that it is about time I got to know central London; I mean really got to know it, as a local would. As a child my parents took us there quite a lot, and I’ve been living in the suburbs for three years now (or is it four?) so I’m not totally alien to the city. Yet I still don’t know it’s innards that well. So I decided to take a walk. In the end I didn’t go far: from Parliament square up Victoria street, along to buckingham palace, through st. James’ park and Horseguards and back along whitehall. I was surprised how compact everything was; it would be nice to take Lyn up there for a walk in the spring.

With that I caught the bus home, reflecting on the fact that I live in a vast, wonderful city, the capital of a nation currently being run by people completely without honour, compassion or kindness.

Night Dreaming

I would be a very negligent fiancee indeed if I didn’t direct you all here. Lyn’s new track,Night Dreaming, is now available on Itunes. It’s a good one – L seems to be getting better and better song by song. We are going to have a launch party for it on saturday night, so come if you can; if not no doubt I’ll be blogging about it on sunday. Meanwhile, listen and buy!


Poppies grew where men once fell, in fields once drenched in blood

Life goes out, in a blink, after the cannon’s thud

There they marched, line by line, doing what they thought was right

And they fell, one by one, nothing to a mortar’s might.

”To war!” they had cried, ”to war, to war!” making promises wholly hollow;

And so they went, those doomed few, food for cannon to swallow.

Something much better in the huff

Here one can find something much better, balanced and sourced in the Huff about disability issues. It is a fairly hard-hitting piece by one Alan Wyllie, proposing that the government is targeting people with disabilities deliberately because we are in less of a position to fight back. Well, fight back we must, and we will. Through organisations like DPAC, we crips are uniting for a battle which seems to be heating up; it is on the pages of publications like the huff that we do battle, exposing the injustices currently being imposed upon us.

Being serious is dismal

I Suppose the problem with what I wrote yesterday, calling for civil disobedience and so on, is that as a disabled person I rely on various social structures to live. I need the council to administer the direct payment system; I need to keep receiving DLA. If I am honest, I don’t want a revolution – despite my romantic notions, it would be the last thing Lyn and I need. One can’t afford society to stop functioning when you need a PA to turn up to work every day*. The problem is, now I’ve ruled out taking back the means of production and overthrowing the bourgeoisie, what can I do? I suppose I’ll have to wait for the next election, but with people dying, things getting wore by the day and no guarantee of change, that is a very dismal prospect indeed.

*Reading that sentence back, though, Part of me accuses myself of being too comfortable, too complicit, to be a true revolutionary.