Picard-related news

Another lazy blog I admit, but anyone eager for any snippet  of information about the new Star Trek Picard series aught to check this video out. I find it clarifies quite a bit, and IGN is fairly reliable, so perhaps my pessimism a  few months  ago was premature.  According to this  report,  the new Picard show will resolve the timeline issues brought about by the new JJ Abrams films, something which has bugged Trekkies for  years, whereas I’d previously heard that that divergence was down to copyright issues. We can only hope.

Visiting Esther

I just got back from visiting Esther in Crewe. I’m currently in Cheshire, visiting my parents. I’ve been here since Tuesday and return to the capital tomorrow. It’s lovely to see the old family house again, and sleep in my old childhood bedroom. Life in a sprawling, thriving metropolis is all well and good, but every so often you feel the need to return to your roots, eat your mums cooking and visit the people without whom you could never have got as far as you have. Esther is fine, I’m glad to say. Chatting to her this afternoon I could barely believe it is now almost ten years since she and I were stomping around university together. She’s still one of my best friends,though; I should definitely visit her more,, and i think it’s also high time she came to visit me in Charlton.

A bigger farce than ever

By now everyone will know the result of this evenings vote: the government had the biggest defeat in eighty years. What everyone predicted would happen has happened. The truth is I don’t think I can say anything on here to add anything to the debate. Brexit is more of a farce than ever, and the sooner the embarrassing mess comes to its inevitable end the better.

Back to the olympics

Mostly to distract myself from all the bollocks happening in the world right now, I’ve began to think about the Olympics again. With the next games in tokyo, the ’24 games in Paris and the ”28 games in LA, I still think a british city should bid to host the 2032 games. I know that will probably be the last thing on anyone’s mind right now, but I think we could all do with a reprisal of London 2012 to distract us and perhaps bring the country back together a bit. The thing is, I can’t decide whether I would prefer Manchester or London to bid again. I come originally from the North-West, so I had thought it was time to see a Mancunian olympiad; yet, with so much building work going on in London, with Crossrail (hopefully) opening this autumn, part of me reckons it would be awesome to show London off to the world again. The city is thriving, and we could all do with a flashback to London 2012 again; we need another party. By ’32, London will probably have entered another heyday, assuming the entire UK isn’t bankrupt by then. Thus I can’t decide which I’d prefer: London 2032 or Manchester 2032. I’m not so much interested in the sport side of things as the occasion aspect; the chance to show a UK city off to the world, with all the pageantry and spectacle. And of course, I’m dying to see another British Olympic opening ceremony, wondering what we could do to top the one in 2012. Who knows, if I’m the guy who gets another uk olympics going, they may even let me direct it.

Self-pitying snakeoil salesmen

Sorry it’s another Guardian article, and quite a long one at that, but I highly recommend reading this piece on populism. Farage and co. have apparently been touring  the country calling for a no-deal Brexit. trying to whip people into an Outist frenzy by claiming some sort  of victimhood. This new fascism, rebranding itself as populism, has to be stopped. The descriptions of Farage’s speeches remind me of Nuremberg. As it becomes ever clearer how damaging brexit will be, Farage tries to portray himself as some  sort  of freedom fighter rebelling against tyranny; yet those listening to  him, so captivated, don’t realise he’s a con-man who  would  see them stripped of their every right. It really is  scary, not to say infuriating, how easily people seem to fall for this xenophobic snakeoil salesman and his scheme to turn the country into a capitalist hell. They haven’t seemed to realise what to the rest of us  is painfully obvious: what Farage pretends is a fight for freedom  and sovereignty, opposed by a   supposed liberal  metropolitan elite, is actually  a   campaign to impose the most perverse form of  neoliberalism on this country by stripping us of our human and consumer rights.

Owning the political mess

Probably the best thing I can do on here today is flag this piece of Guardian analysis up. It sums up  just how ridiculous things on both sides of the  Atlantic  currently are. Here, the Tories are trying to push through a piece of legislation which they know full well has no chance of getting through, and they know  will  do serious damage to the uk economy. In  the states, the fool they  laughably call their president is determined to nurse his ego by demanding a ridiculous wall be built  on the border with Mexico. The wall would serve no practical purpose,  but cost billions of dollars. Both here and there, things are an utter, utter mess. The piece’s author, Garry Younge writes “The simultaneous unravelling of the Trump agenda and the Brexit process provides a useful lens through which to understand the trajectories of the past few years in both countries. Oppositional in nature, both Trump and Brexiters thrived on galvanising longstanding discontent and prejudice through inflammatory rhetoric and egregious falsehoods, and aspired to make noise not change.” In other words, both Trump and Brexit started life as jokes, never expecting  to reach the absurd position they currently find theirselves  in, and with absolutely no idea what to do next.

Cleese wants to break free

Although I have  a strange feeling that I have seen it before somewhere, I just  came across this apparently new John Cleese video on Youtube. It’s good to see that Cleese still has ‘it’ – that he still has the ability and resolve  to make people both laugh and think. This sketch is what people might do in  a traffic  jam, so in a way it’s a comment on modern society; but it’s also quite cleesian in it’s weird, middle class, quite English style. I also think he might be making a statement about the state of society at the moment, and the crazy, logjammed situation we are increasingly finding ourselves in.

Anger issues

For a while now, I’ve known that my cerebral palsy effects my emotions and how I express my emotions. I’ve always been strange in that department: the way I express my emotions has always been quite overt, compared to others. I’ve always squealed with excitement or banged stuff when I’m angry. It wasn’t until fairly recently, though, that I realised that this was something common to people with my type of athetoid cerebral palsy. I have written on here before about my rages – about how table-bangingly, door-slammingly furious I often get when it comes to politics. My brain handles anger and other emotion in a different way to people without cp, so I express it more overtly. It probably looks rather childish, but at least I now know it’s down to my disability.

The problem is, half the country now seems to be getting just as angry. On the news and over the web, I see people getting just as furious, displaying the same white hot anger I feel in myself. It worries me. People all over the place seem to be losing it, especially over Brexit. Everyone seems to be becoming more confrontational and less tolerant; people shout at one another in the street more. Who knows why this came about, but I suspect it has something to do with the depersonalising aspects of the web. Online we’ve become so used to getting furious and arguing with the screen, we forget that venting that anger to someone’s face is not acceptable. It’s apparently happening in America too. It’s quite frightening, and to be honest i’m starting to worry about it: the amount of anger currently flying about cannot be good.

Why is is still okay  for  able bodied actors to ‘crip up’?

I have to say I don’t agree  at all with what Bryan Cranston says in this article. The American actor has defended his casting as a disabled person in his new TV show, The Upside. While of course I’m always happy to see people with disabilities being represented on television, I think that, where at all possible, they should be  played by an actual disabled person. It’s no longer acceptable for white  people to ‘black  up’ to play black people, so why is is still okay  for  able bodied actors to ‘crip up’, and indeed expect to get plaudits for it? While  Cranston points  out, “If I, as a straight, older person, and I’m wealthy, I’m very fortunate, does that mean I can’t play a person who is not wealthy, does that mean I can’t play a homosexual?”  I just think there are too few acting roles for people with disabilities already, without what there is being taken up by people with no real experience of  disability.