Trying To Get On The News

I probably shouldn’t have done it, given the issue they were reporting on is so serious, but I had to give it a try. You have probably heard that a young school teacher was murdered in a park in Kidbrooke on Friday. That park happens to only be about eight hundred metres from my flat. I first noticed something going on there a few days ago, when the park was being cordoned off by the police. Now, though, it is one of the main national news stories, covered by the big media corporations at the head of their bulletins.

Realising this earlier, I had a bit of an idea – a slightly childish one, perhaps, but probably worthwhile. I have an EU flag attached to the back of my powerchair headrest as a way of displaying my opposition to Brexit as I trundle around. I’d noticed that broadcasters like the BBC were reporting from a corner off Kidbrooke I could get to easily: if I could somehow sit myself in the back of their shot as they were reporting live, perhaps I could display my resistance to brexit on national TV.

That, then, is what I did. All the broadcasters were reporting from the same place, across a road from the park where the murder happened. I simply had to cross the road, sit myself in the area where people have begun to place flowers, and try to get in shot when I heard the broadcasters reporting live.

I sat there between one and half one, the time of the Beeb’s lunchtime bulletin. I sat facing the flowers with my back shown to the cameras so that hopefully my EU flag would be on display. I know this is nothing to play games over – murder is murder, and I must stress that I mean no disrespect to the woman who was killed or her family – yet, in it’s own way, Brexit is just as obscene and must be resisted however we can. I saw this as an opportunity to do so.

I returned home at about quarter to two, eager to see whether I was successful. And I was, in a way: On the Beeb’s 1pm bulletin, 14 minutes and 45 seconds into the program, you can just about see a blue baseball cap over the reporters shoulder. That cap is mine. Obviously companies like the BBC are very careful to avoid people muscling in on their broadcasts so they made an effort to cut me out. Yet I’m happy that I tried. It may not have been the overt, anti-Brexit statement I was hoping to make, but perhaps I can try again tomorrow.

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