I Can No Longer Respect America

I have to say that, after yesterday, I cannot respect the USA. How can any society let anyone walk free after he walked into a town, armed and looking for trouble, and killed two people? Yesterday’s news that Kyle Rittenhouse was let off scot free is surely a travesty; it will only encourage more vigilantes to go looking for trouble. This verdict just about gives the green light to any hot headed American kid to pick up a gun and shoot whoever they like, safe in the knowledge that if they play their cards right (and have the right skin colour) they can get away with it. It plays straight into the hands of far-right American gun culture, which more or less holds that you should have the right to shoot whoever you want. You really must despair that a nation which prides itself on being so advanced and noble can sink to such depravities.

2 thoughts on “I Can No Longer Respect America

  1. While I do not agree with the verdict, most legal scholars were not surprised he was found not guilty because in the state of Wisconsin they have a strong self-defense law and once infantilized Kyle claimed self defense, the burden of proof for the prosecution became very high. The jury trial is a bedrock of English common law that was adapted into the American legal system. The voters who support that law on self-defense are the same ones who sat on the jury. Sometimes democracy produces unfortunate results.

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