arrogant blair

i jjust read this report. it seems to me that, like the yanks, blair is being very arrogant. what makes him so sure there are wmd in iraq. i hate the war–mongers, and i’d like to vote blair out, but the problem is the tories are ven worse!

of the race of children

our american friends, for all thier big notions of “freedom” and democracy, are children: they have invaded a soverign state – albeit a brutal dictatorship – in the search for power and oil. their troops, returning from battle, do not tell of the horror of combat but yelp like boys on a computer gamw.

they are now posturing aagainst france, just because they refused – justly – to support their crusade. these aren’t the actions of adults, but children!

fasionable madness

my bro just danced out of my room like a madman, leading me to reflect on the current craze for being mad: my cousin diiscribes a schitzophrenic friendd he has, and my brother’s friend rober definitely sounds nuts.

some psychologists say that madness is a coping mechanism for insane situations – in which case, could this increase in eccentric behavior refjlect an increasingly innsane world?

greek church = social club

i was in london for greek easter this weekend, staying at my grandparent’s place. it occured to me that A) organised religion is bollox, it is just a kind of fear-enduced social control, and B) this doesn’t matter to the greeks as going to church isn’t about religionn, it’s about being seen; its about who wears the smelliest perfume and its about how much everybodies grandchilldren have grownn. rules ffor greek church:

kiss as many pictures as possible stand up when everyone else does try not to look too bored

the loggic of liquidisation

my parents have began to liquidise my sunday roasts, and i dont know what to think. I like food, and so at first thoroghly resented the idea: yet i can also see the logic behind it – i now eat much faster and make far less mess.

the questioon then is one of logic vursus social niceness. I come from a very scientific family, where science is prized over art (and most other diciplines). I supppose this to be expected.

yet i still want to chhew mmy food myself. liquidised food lacks the taste and texture of un-mushed stuff, as science lacks the humanity of art: one must have both to appriciate either.

i must appologise if this doesn’t make sense – with my liquidised food i also had some unliquidised cote du Rhone.

2b / not 2b?

English iis a complex language: it has ‘evolved’ over hundreds, if not thousands of years into a ttoung nnow spoken widely around the worrld. Thanks largely to the british empire, it, along with french, is the language of business and deplomacy.

It is also the language of the net, and here is where the gradual metamorphosis all languages go through has been quickened. Enlish, when used on the web, is constantly becoming truncated – wordss are becoming shorter through laxiness; sentences are reduced to three letters; emotions are reduced to a mere two symbols.

Although I must admitt to using this new “web lafnguage”, i cannot help but think it extremely vulgar. this ims the tounge used by hShakespeare, Wordsworth and Chaucer, reduced like a pot-noodle, to it’s bane bones, void of beauty.

And yet, as all things change over time, so must english. Indeed, no doubt chaucer would have thought shakespeare’s lannguage coarse, and Shaakespare Wordsworth’s. Thus, rather than bemoaning the dawn of web-language, we should welcome it as another step along the linguistic evolutionarry trail.

Although i think it will be some time before we see emoticons in the broadsheets or in books, i wlose by saying: c u l8r!

and another thing….

whats the point of having a blog if you have nothing particular to write? ok, i have plenty to write, but only when i’m in the mood.

god i’m sad! our connection has been down, and i havent wanked the whole time. my masturbation is reliant on access to the internet. well, it’s up now, so if you’ll excuse me….


this spring has been so nice. I have, on quite a few occcasions, been able to get out in my chair. On sunday i went down Giantswood lane, turned left and came back through town. I guess that was pretty danerous tho.

itss too hot to have a propper dress-up tonight. i’ll probably just slip into my swimming cozzie

Iraqi Police

it’s sunny today. I think later I’ll go outside.

The fact that the Americans are using old Iraqi policemen is telling. they would have been saddam’s enforcers. I think his shows that America is not interested in making Iraq democratic – they seem merely to have replaced one brutal regime with their own.