I am not happy

I just got to my computer and saw the election result. I was very apprehensive: I didn’t blog yesterday because I was so nervous, despite  watching a very interesting Korean film, Parasite, at the Barbican on Wednesday, However, now I’ve seen the  result I am absolutely furious. How can the people of this country be so fucking stupid? Do they not see the Tories for the bunch of selfish, self-centred arrogant scumbags they are? Or that we can now kiss goodbye to the  NHS, which they’ll now flog to the americans? The last decade has demonstrated beyond doubt how inept and heartless the tories  are; surely something has to be done before these insults to humanity are allowed to govern for five more years.

To decorate or not?

This is my first christmas living in my own place, and part of me keeps thinking I should put a tree and decorations up. But another, more grumpy part of me says that would be hypocritical: if religion is just a form of social control, wouldn’t decorating my new place just be  submitting to that unearned authority? On the one hand, the place looks  sparse and unfestive; on the other, I don’t  see the point of celebrating an ancient Pagan fertility festival commandeered by christianity and used to authorise, among other things, sexism, homophobia and racism. If I really  believe we should be outgrowing religion why should I decorate? And isn’t the feeling of melancholy  I get at that thought   not exactly what the clergy would want me to feel?

How can we be contemplating electing such vile people?

The intolerant xenophobic arseholes clearly exposed in  this Channel Four news story  last night surely have no place anywhere near the uk parliament. It staggers me how we, as a nation, can even be contemplating electing such vile people into our government. It staggers me even further that Nigel Farage has the audacity to then try to tell the  country that the bunch of violent criminals he calls his political party is open and tolerant, and not the breeding ground of xenophobia it was just shown to be. Yet here we are: in two days’ time these uneducated hatemongers have a chance of being elected and getting  their judgemental views enacted, all to appease the ego of a lying insult  to humanity. Farage apparently thinks himself superior  and born to rule, when in fact he is as qualified to govern as a housebrick and ought to be rotting in jail; he is a snakeoil salesman who would have the most sickening form of bigotry-tinged capitalism imposed upon this country. What scares me is the fact that  we have reached this dire point in the first place: why don’t we just ignore these people as the bigots they are? Surely as a nation we are better than such  vile, base politics.

Together 2012 2019

Yesterday was another interesting saturday. A couple of days before, my old Onevoice friend Jemima invited me up to Together 2012 in stratford, a film festival about disability. Eager to do some networking, I went. Jemima Hughes is an animator whose short animations are certainly worth checking out. I met Jemima and her mum/PA on the way in to Stratford Town Hall, and, after a short wait, was treated to a fascinating montage of short films. The first series was themed around the sea, before it broadened out:  most were fairly postmodern. Jemima was then presented with an award for her fabulous short film about AAC. I didn’t stay for the whole afternoon as I was eager to get back to Eltham before it got too late, but what I saw was a clear demonstration that disability film – films made by people with disabilities about disability – is flourishing. More to the point, it made me eager to make a film to enter next  year’s festival.

How stupid does Johnson think we are

I should probably try to comment on last night’s  tv election  debate today, but I don’t think I can say much about it. While you can read a proper analysis of it here, all I  can really say about is that it was hideous. The amount of utter bullshit Johnson spouted made me shout at my computer so much that I almost gave myself a heart attack. What he  said  was so obviously untrue, repeating jingoistic nonsense ad nausiem, that it baffles me how the country can  even be contemplating electing this embarrassment to humanity or his party. Unfortunately I don’t think Corbyn did anywhere  near enough to call him up on it.

And if he really thinks that  getting Brexit done will  somehow heal the social divisions of the last three years, then he has lost all  grasp of reality. That’s the line which infuriates me most. He pretends he cares how angry people have got, yet tries to  tell us that carrying out the very thing we are pissed off about, which just happens to be  what he has wanted  all along, would somehow make us less angry. Just how stupid does this man think we are?

I have Voted.

I don’t mind recording that I’ve already voted: I  posted my ballot paper yesterday. I find voting  by post far easier than going to a polling station, and it’s also good to get it over and done  with. This means I no longer have to pay any attention to  anything any politician says; not that it would have made much difference anyway, as my mind was made up anyway. Mind you, political junkie that I am, I’ll probably still watch the news, and inevitably start shouting at the screen whenever a scumbag like Farage, Johnson  or  Gove starts lying their worthless heads off. At least  now I don’t have to worry  about somehow failing to do my bit to stop them and their sickening, evil schemes.