a trip to arley hall

It s nice, once in awhile,, to get out and about. Although the greatest wonders of the world may lie far away, one does not have to travel great distances to behold beauty, and this is especially so of Arely hall, a 14th century stately home with gardens.

We explored the gardens first – these were formal in the Victorian style, yet beautiful and abound with colourful flowers putting me in mind of Kew. I was struck, though, by the six or seven horse graves in one of the garden areas – too morbid for my liking. Nevertheless, it was great fun exploring these gardens in my chair; while listening to the birdsong.

For lunch I had a delicious piece of chocolate cake, dad had an apple, and grandma had some apple pie. This was eaten outside in the warm sunshine, which dominated the day and made it all the more pleasant.

After lunch we explored the wilder area behind the hall, which again was well kept but nevertheless gave me a chance to try some (moderately) off-road driving while dad and grandma sat and talked about Sussex.

It was three ‘clock when we decided to come home. Me and dad played Pub Cricket, which I won 26-14. we finally stopped off at a newly-opened nursery, inspired by what we had seen, before getting home at about four. All in all, a very enjoyable day.

determinism vs. free will

i was reading today abot the determinism/free-will debate in a psychological context. the concept of determinism proposes that we behave according to several ontlling factors, like our surroundings and biology. free-will says that it is only our “wills” that control our behaviou, which would imply that behaviourr is sssentially random, which is not the case.

if behaviour is determinned, then we are but “poor players” folloing a hiidden script, yet if we are free, then the world is essentially random, behaviour unnpredictable, the field of psychology void. whicch is it? i doubtt we’ll ever truly know.

No title

i have jusst been watching a chineese t.v chanel. i’m surprised to see how leftwing china still is, even amid all this neo-conservatism. i found it refreshing. i wonder, though, will the yanks start attacking china soon – it has demonised comunism so its on a par with terrorism. i doubt it.

i was interested to see that my brothher has an inerest in the orrient too. i wonder if, someday, we could discuss oriental philosophy.

the net

as u all probably know,, the net is full of crap. its full of porn, which isn’t surprising as it started life populated by adolescet male nerds. thhere is porn and filth at every turn (trust me, i kknow), but what i find interesting is there are jbastionns of clenliness in this brave new world, like bbc.ok.uk, which is like a pristine clean island amid the ocean of filth that is the net. here, you can check reliable news, be entrtained etc away from the filth, before diving back into the web of pop-up ads and viruses.

its like watchiing paanorama before switching over to the adult cchanel and eating a cheeseburger

capital punishment

ok. i’m sually against killing people but i now think there are exceptions. given his lack of respect for everything bar big business and money, i now believe george w bush and his cabnet msst die, or otherwise be removed from office, before they do more dammage. they have invaded a country for nothing but their own proft, pretending to act selflessly while the opposite is true; they have turned America into a heap of bible-baashing, selfish morons, they must go.

i feel so angry about this, an so powerless.

this sucks

my little brother luke has set me on a silly schedule-thing – nomsn before six, no web before 8, and no t.v before 9.45. like the liquidIsation of my food, i hate it but part of m sees tbhe ense of it. i have more time to concentrate on work now.

anyway, he says if i keep it up i get ‘full circle’ on video. i hence intend to keep it up.

fed up

qhy is everything getting me down? my itc project is going really slowly and I don’t know how to ftix it; i haave ppsych to do, but i dont feel at all confident about it. it seems whatever i do i get poor marks.

i want 2 cheer myself up by reading michael palin or something, but then i feel guilty about not working. mum says i’m bored. she’s probably right.

then there ate these damn absences i get, where i temporarily forgett where i am. i’m nervous thaat theyre damaging my brain.

is bush a big kid?

i was watching him on the Abraham Lincoln yesterday and he reminded me of a kid with toys – “look at me, dad, i can fly in an akirwoplane!” – and then he posed like a film star whats more, he said that america had won: where vis saddam? where are the WMD? won my arse!

america is being lead by bafoons!