I was talking with Aristede today about buddhism. it appeals to me – it saays that all living things are equal, ad that when one dies, one is reborn in another being. our conditions in the next life are deendent on our actions in this one, but whereas a common misconception is to assume that all disabled people are therefore sinners, we are the lucky ones: misdeeds do not haave to be repaid in the very next life, and given that all people are prone to be bad, we are the ones getting our debt ‘out of the way’. provided i dont mope too much, next life should be cool.

burn the catholic

today we had a firework display. the brother-chaps had fun setting fire to sseveral exploodoing bits of card. simple pleasures, eh? what strikess me is why are we celebrating an aniverserry of an execution which was ostencimly motivated by religion? is bonfire night a celebration of an early victtory in the war on terror – were the gunpowder conspiritors seen as the al quida of there day. have we merely replaced the word ‘catholic’ with ‘muslim?