i suppose i better comment on this. given that lord hutton has only chriticised the bbc and not pm blair, and that the evidence is soo obvious against blair et al, i suspect foul play. who is against the bbc, but for a ‘rightist’ government? hmm…rupert murdoch?

this may just be me, or dad after lovi night, but something stinks about all this. blair survived his toughest week with barely a scratch. how?

the paradox of liberalism

An interesting, and worrying thing happened in politics this short, a fellow student started making comments about how ‘defficient kids should be aborted or killed after birth. I was furious and caused quite a stink. the fellow was made too appologise to me (not my idea). I accepted it, but asked him if he mmeant it, expecting the annswer no. He thought for a while: “Yes, if they’re going to die before theyre 5 or have no quality of life”. I lost my rag, and said something like “why five, why not 20? then you kill many of my friends.” I saw red.

Now i feel retrospectively guilty: the guy waas only voicing his views, and should be respected for it. I was wrong to case such a fuss – now the guy will have his beliefs about the disab;led confirmed – troublesome whingers. Yet I can’t escape the fact that such views i find obhorrant. In a way, it boils down to a liberal paradox: accept all perspectives, except those which contradict yours. If so, am I bein a hyppocrite?