my thoughts tonight.

I could write here about how I spent most of today hanging about the hous in a skirt, tights and pink tee shirt, and about how remarkable I find becca, who remains my girlfriend even though I do such dubious things, but it feels wrong to write about such silly, happy things when I see so much suffering on my tv. when i last looked, 80,000 people had been killed by the tsunami in the indian ocian. tonight, my thougts are there. I feel sad.

10 hour films?

yesterday wee tried to watch lord of the riings all he way through – all 10 hours of jackson’s masterpiece. my family got bored after the first film and started a card game. I suppose it was too ambitious to expect them to be so patient. we will watchh the third film later tho, having watched the second later yesterday evenning.

No title

a few days ago I wrote a stupid entry agbout my friend shannon. given that shes a very privatee person, it was aa foolish thing to do. I can only offer an apology and a vow to leave her out of my little rants.


becs is away from her pc, so I’ve recently been communicating witth her via mobile phone text messages – physically holding the phone to talk hurts my arm after a while. I’m getting rather fast at it, but the tning is texting is probably the most fiddly, frustrating acctivity ever! for a person used to a dock-off extended keyboard, to write anything using the three-press letter-sellection of mobile phones takes ages. to say anytthing of substance is nigh-on impossible. oddly, tho, the fact that Its becca I’m communicating with makkes these frustrations seem quite, quite insignificant.


this yyear has provedd my assumptions are mostly pants! ok, so look at the following:

1. I assumed I wouldnt go 2 uni.

3. I assumed I’d not be popular

I assumed that i’d never get a girlfriend

I’d addumed i’d never ace an exam.

wrong! crap. matt assumed wrong. at the end of this year, I’m flourishing at university, surrounded by friends. I’m in line for a reasonable degree, and I have aan absoluttely wonderful girlfriend in becca, whom I adore. In short, right now life rules, and to think I was once so pessimuistic is laughable.

merry christmass everyone!

can we go florida?

Like most ppl, I read several peoples blogs – I just read my friend shannon’s. she’s in florida, and is one of the best damn writers I know [thereby re-igniting my faith in yanks]. without wanting to breach confidenntialitty – she’d kill me – her mosr recent entry has me fuming. My dad got katie uptight just by using the H-word; what shannon discribes hre, in my opinion, is far worse. in short, it ammounts to abuse, and makes me want to cross the atlantic and doo some unprintable things.

but somehow I doubt mumor dad will let me go on killing sprees in america, so I”ll just say to shannon that shhe has my respect, and can contact me any time she wants to.

rabbit proof fence

This film is an astoundingly beautiful film about 3 aboriginal girls who walk across Australia after forcibly being taken from their mothers. Its hard not to be sutured into the text, and I found myself getting very angry at the authorities. I wanted to stop them taking these kids away, through no reason other than racism. Some of the shooting is awe-inspiring. However, it was only when I watched the ‘making of’ documentary that I actually felt myself welling up with tears, forcing me to go telephone Becs,

Above all, though, this film is testament to the human spirit. For these girls to walk 1500 miles was phenomenal. Without doubt, their story had to be told.. ordinarily, I’d do a close textual analysis – or attempt one – but that can wait: this film is too beautiful to take apart.

Thanks, Becca, for a great Christmas present!

time to head home

one thing is certain, university rules. never have i worked so hard, or partied so much. but now its christmas, I think I need home. ok, I go there every weekend, but i’m kinda tired. I find myself thinking about the tree at home, the smell of mum’s cooking, seeing maark and luke. I really do love uni. never felt so free. went to a very cool party last night. got drunk. 🙂 sigh…but I think its time for a rest. dads picking me up tonight. time to unwind at home. and do some serious sleeping!