the schiavo case

this is sick. I like a joke, but to make fun of this poor girl appalls me. as for my opinion on the case, as usual I can see both sides, but I think life should be preserved just in case. after all it isn’t so long ago that people thought us CCPers were brain dead, and I can’t help thinking of anne mcdonald. Of course, the two cases are totally different, but I think it shows hope remains.

Why am I so tired?

Ok, so my blog is back up. Thing is, I’m rather tired, so I won’t write too much, but we went to visit my baby grand-nephew Jake in Sussex. Cute little tyke. Saw uncle Rich, aunt Jill, Adam and Ellen, and generally had a good time. Anyway, here’s a link to my [file=”1″]opera review[/file].


I’m back. after a period if about three weeks, I’m back blogging with my own domain. Our server basically screwed up. please update your favorites to as the old address will not work for much longer

It’s the easter holidays. not much out of the ordinary happened. my fairy outfit made an appearence at the last disco of term. and I wrote a review of an opera I went to see at the RNCM, which was cool. I’ll post said review here soon.


yay. the sites bacck up. lord knows what went wrong. oh wait…thought we agreed he didn’t exist.

rather a dulll week anyway

Michael Behe is a fool.

I am getting worried about our American cousins. Some – but by no means all – of them seem to have taken aboard some truly scary ideas. I was in the bar on monday evening and got talking to two siblings from South Carolina. We got on to the subject of politics, although I’m not quite sure how. What I found scary was that this guy – they were a brother and sister – was very opposed to political descent. He thought that people should always support their government, and protests were wrong.

I didn’t argue, I just got scared. I believe protest is the cornerstone of democracy; without political protest, no government is accountable to its people. After all, was the United States not founded on the back of protest against Britain?

It occurred to me that this was symptomatic of thought in certain quarters of American society, or rather lack there of. I see parallels between this sort of statement and creationism: this is a “science” which seeks to prove that the Earth was created. As such, it is a science with an aim, which itself is not scientific. Science seeks to define and describe things, not prove. Darwin was simply describing one model of how life on Earth may have developed, and it just so happens that there’s a hell of a lot of evidence to support it. Furthermore, evolution is logical: all living organisms mutate randomly, some of which will be (by chance) better able to procreate than others. However, the creationists deny this logic, claiming that we were all created. Michael Behe has proposed an inteligent design theory on the basis that some organisms are too complex to evolve. Keh? Behe has also proposed that ‘inteligence’ itself is a force like matter and energy, or some such gibberish. OK, so he’s ignoring most scientific data, and bending what data he has to fit his ideas. Then he accuses scientists of being in some kind of priesthood. is this a joke? Such arguments are so easily debunked that it is worrying that people cling to them, just as the fellow on monday night worried me.

matt teaches writing

I was in writing 1 today, and it turns out that we are goint to have a lesson or two on writiing online – blogging, fanfic etc. the tutor, however, claims sshe knows nothing about these things, so guess who she asked to write the smegging lesson.


“Matthew, can you make me a list of sited…?”

[derranged spastic laugh] she has no idea what she has got herself into!