of democracy and haircuts.

We posted my vote this morning. its far smpler than arsing about in polling booths – simply make a cross at the kitchen table and put the envelope in the box on your way to the barbrs. I felt no less empowered. The fiasco about postal vote rigging ddoes worry me, but it’s done now and I can forget about it. Plus I have no need to worry about finding a polling station in alsager on thursday. I do however, have some concerns about our current electoral system, which elects candidates who do not have the backing of the majority of people, but I’ll leave that till another entry. can howard concievably win from his current position? mercifully I think not.


Uni is far too much fun; I’m starting to feel guilty. Today was the inter-hall rugby tournament. all the halls of residence on campus fielded a rugby 7, and they played 14-minute matches until one group was crowned the victor with cheap tesco cider. I and most of the university went to watch. It was a nice day for it too.

For some reason I did not feel quite as mobile as usual, so I just sat and talked to the guys. they kept offering me beers, so I had two cans. My lethargy was in part brought on by the trouble over who helps me eat dinner on Tuesday. On Tuesday afternoons I have bill as my PA, and he’s with me until late, so it make sense to eat out with him. However, this means cancelling home help, which seems simple to me – I just tell my breakfast helper that I won’t need help in the evening – but apparently it causes all sorts of hastle with my social worker. So now I cant have any sort of spontaneity? Its not that I don’t appreciate it, but I sometimes hate having to have so much help, to rely on so many people, to have to eat at certain pre-set times. On the other hand, I love the freedom I now have: I love writing in the arboretum, going to the library, going places with bill, the intellectual cut-and thrust of film lectures. I have more freedom than ever, largely due to my mum, dad and social worker.

I am torn between gratitude for my new freedoms and resentment of their limitations. I’d guess this paradox is common to all disabled people.

Stupid dinner ladies.

If you want me to transform me from a pleasant-matt to a grumpy-mat, pat me on the head! It works every time. I was quite happily eating my lunch today, using my neater-eater to devour some atrocity called “corn beef hash”, when a member of the kitchen staff walked by, said “hello matty” and patted me on the head. she then walked off.

Do I look like a dog or a four-year-old? I’m 22, studying for a degree, yet the kitchen staff – most of them – treat me like a kid. Do they pat anyone else? no! so why me? It’s like I’m a child to them, and they ttreat me like a retard.

This makes me undescribably angry. Whats more, it was “matty” rather than “matt” or “matthew”, an infantile form of my name. grr. best olet things like this slide though.

packman v. the vampire.

Watcheed Jeremy packman interviewing micchael dracula yesterday. he seemed to be trying to appear nice and reasonable, but there was very little which was reasonable about what he was saying. Its clear that he has no underlying caurse for his attitude to immigration besides xenophobia, and his plans for processing ccamps outside the boarders of the UK seem hay to say the least. Paxman made a pertinent point aboutt the 1951 treaty on the subject – that the only countries that have refused to sign a treaty on immigration, a treaty Howard plans to withdraw from, are placs like north Korea and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, howard clearly wants to pull out of the 1994 Salamanca agreement on incclusion. When he does, I will consider aphartied to exist in britain, and will write to Kofi Annan asking him to impose trade sanctions on britain, as the u.n did with south Africa.


Is it me, or is this text suddenly bigger? No doubt, my techie brother luke has beenn tweeking the code. cheers bro. now it looks like I’ve written more. Baack at school, teachers actually [i]encouraged[/i] kids to do that fore GCSE english coursework. The students were allowed to get away with the minimum possible. well, that’s special schools for you!

Happy birthday alec

Not too much to report tonight. It’s been a rather humdum kind of day, attending lectures, talking to friends. We’re being treated to a lovely evening, and later I’m off to brandies to celebrate alec’s birthday. Amazingly, he’s forgooing entering a pool competition and staying at brandies so I can join them. quite astonishing: Now I’m out in the world, I’m constantly amazed how many changes people are prepared to make just to accomodate me.

This could, howevver, be only indigenous to the cloistered environs of academia, that strange great place where the bohemian deals of truith and beauty are sought. I love it here so much – going to discos, the opera, libraries and lectures. this is where I belong. Everyone av=ccepts me here, and I hhave more friends than I can count.


we were up in durham yesterday with mark. it was good to see him again as it had been a while, but while there I cannit update my blog. In all, it has been a fairly busy weekend, and I’m pretty tired. I’ll make a fuller entry soon. Meanwhile, theres a heated debate going on over inclusive education on the ouch messageboards.

2 films

Its been a very good day: I gave bill the relevent paperwork, and he’s on the way to becoming my new p.a. I was getting bored of buggering about with adds in papers, so I asked my friend and mature student to be my p.a. cool thin is, he lives in macc so he can help me in the holidays oo.

this week, I have watched tw rather grim films. this evening, i watched city of god a brazilian film about gang warfare in the poor areas of Rio de Jenero. It wasrather violnt, but told a good story: the typ of film where one can really get a feel for the culture it portrays. however, on monday e saw Requiem for a dream which I did not enjoy watching at all. Although it is stylistically brilliant, and a masterclass in cuting which would make Eisestien proud, the story concerns four people torn apart by vrious addictions, the portrayal of which is so vivid that it is horrifying to watch. we see heroin being injected into a badly infected wound; we see a middle-aged lady becoming obsesses with the possibility of being on tv, subsequently becomming addicted to slimming pills, and eventually becoming so unstable that she is subjected, very graphically to ECT. We also see a young lady sustaining her drug habbit by resorting to prostetution and forced to do the most vulgar acts imaginable. No wonder this film has been banned: I am usuwally against censorship, but on Monday I left the lecture theatre feeling sick, and hoping never to see that film again. It should be watched by no-one.

kinggdom of heaven

oh, what a surprise! 20th century fox is about to release kingdom of heaven, an epic. I have seen trailers, and most of the shots are almost exact duplicates of lotr shots. the cenematographic ambience is identical! bbut more worryingly, this film is about the crusades, and somehow portrays those blood-lusted chaptera as a good thing. no prises for spotting the paralells here!