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i often have dificulty walking; speaking to my relitives is difficult, my arms seem to have minds of their own, yet, quite possibly, i am the luckiest fellow alive – i have a wheelchair but ii’m not confined to it; i’m a member of a walm loving family with two great parents and two genious brothers; ok, my limbs often annoy me but they have their uses; and so on. looking at ppl like andy fox, phil littlewood, etc and now reading “summon the lambs”, i realise how bloody lucky i am. things could be so much worse.

do other ppl realise this. do the normal masses realise how lucky they are? i value my position in this life as it allows mw o see both sides – i am, like all ddisabled ppl pittied, yet i can see that i am the lucky one. i am among the rankks of the strong.

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