Good point mark.

we were talking to my genius brothe on the phone earlier. he pointed out that, were america any other nation, the UN would have imposed sanctions by now. It is currently under something approachhing an absolutist regime which, while infringing civil libities at home, is trouncing upon international law, posturing against other natiions including france. As noted in a previous entry, I know many americans to be good, level-headed people, but there is a core of american “neo-cons” who promote the most distasteful of views using the mos erronious of logic. I believe these are termed “republlicans”, and includ the president.

what worries me is that their numbers are growing. religious fundimentalism is rising with it, and the two seemingly go hand in hand. I note this week Swartsinegger has outlawed gay marriage, citing god as a reason. this tells us two things: 1. that civil liberties are going the way of john cleese’s parrot, and 2 that the separation of church and state has ended.

the 2nd ppoint worries me the most. any reggime which uses religion as a basis is almost always absolutist. it can use religion – a form of mass ocd – to control the populus. it can proclaim itself to act with the authority of god, and all those who oppose it as satanic. hence we see a polarisation in the american mindset in the way bush talkks of good and evil. they forget that it is not black and white, not gonndor vursus mordor, and this fact frightens me.

bottling it uop.

I fell over in tesco today. I didn’t hurt myself, but the point is i fel so different to everyone else. every fall, every spasm, everuy twitch is starting to great. and if you start to complain, your mum tellss .you your acting liker a spoiled brat. So you boottle it up, tryIng not to let it ge.t to /you. I think of my mates at school, who have it ten times wworse, and remind myself I have nO cause to complain. Yet i also thinkk of the sstaring eeyes of evvery bog-eyed sprog in tesco, who’s mothers wisper “don’t stare”, and i wish for a way to escape, but there is no escape but to bottle one’s feelings up and smile.

“further than anyone had gone before”

This afternoon I finished reading vanessa collingrige’s biography of captain cook. Despite the prose being too flowery in places for what should be a work of academia, it is a fine b9ook. I really got into the mind of the great explorer, as well as developing a good understandinng of the arguments for and against his discovery of jav la grande. It is indeed a well-rounded book, but I reaLise from my sudy of hisory at college the folly of relying souly on one sourse. No doubt collingridge is correct on most counts, though.

as for cook himself, i coulddn’t escapee the ccomparisoon with picard – no doubt one was based on the other. “hoist the mainsail. prepare to get under way. engage”

too hard on americans

i was reading stupid white men this weekend, and there is no doubt its a very good book. despite its frakly scary content, the fact remmainn hat it is critical of its government, wwhich is a good sign. Moore is evidence that at least some of the american people are not cought up in thiss stupid, misguided patriootism, and are still capaable of rounded thought. further evidence of this comes from weblogs i read. it sseems the real problem lies, not with the american proletariaat, but with it’s bourgiousie, which controls its government and media. it pipes the false-idols of patriotism and religion to the people, making us fiorigners gasp in horror. the question is why do some americans accept this, while others see its folly?

will adrian baker ever know the ironic briliance

this evening, i played with lego. as part of film studies, my teacher reccomended i get a programm called lego creator so we can create storyboaards etc, and mine came today. my mind went back to whhen i was little, watching my brothers make models, but all i could manage was a few disjointed bricks, which took hours of concentration and a sodden jumper. but this evening, i made a wall – not much,, just enough to test the programme – but it was a perfectly straight wall, no tension, no frustration, no getting parents to do i. it was almost blissful in the irony. i owe adrian a pint.

i’m staying inside

I’ve just been out in my chair. went down seimens hill, through park and decided to head into town. thinking the road clear, i was crossing mountbattan way when a czar zoomed past about 50 cm from me at about 60mph. i stopped, turned back, and vanother carr hooted att me. i headed home,, scared shitless. i’m not going out again.

whats more, when heading past thw leisure centre, some lads were pretending i was a monster, shouting “spac attack” etc