Good point mark.

we were talking to my genius brothe on the phone earlier. he pointed out that, were america any other nation, the UN would have imposed sanctions by now. It is currently under something approachhing an absolutist regime which, while infringing civil libities at home, is trouncing upon international law, posturing against other natiions including france. As noted in a previous entry, I know many americans to be good, level-headed people, but there is a core of american “neo-cons” who promote the most distasteful of views using the mos erronious of logic. I believe these are termed “republlicans”, and includ the president.

what worries me is that their numbers are growing. religious fundimentalism is rising with it, and the two seemingly go hand in hand. I note this week Swartsinegger has outlawed gay marriage, citing god as a reason. this tells us two things: 1. that civil liberties are going the way of john cleese’s parrot, and 2 that the separation of church and state has ended.

the 2nd ppoint worries me the most. any reggime which uses religion as a basis is almost always absolutist. it can use religion – a form of mass ocd – to control the populus. it can proclaim itself to act with the authority of god, and all those who oppose it as satanic. hence we see a polarisation in the american mindset in the way bush talkks of good and evil. they forget that it is not black and white, not gonndor vursus mordor, and this fact frightens me.

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