my cool letter to mark

Hi mark

I havent been reading all that much recently. Not as much as i’d have like. Been far too busy with university stuff, coursework etc. I have a day ooff today to visit Staffs university, which should be good. I’m starting to look forward to going to university – it’s high time I got a little more independent, and less reliannt on M, D + L.

As for the americans, yeah, I may bemoan their stupidity andd religious zealotry – I’ve heard it termed “Tinhattery” – but most are ok. some of the best writing on the subject of disabilitty I’ve ever seen came from a lady in Florida; I hold “To Kill a Mockingbird” – set in Alabama – as one of my fadvourite books; and you know I have a liking for that son-of-a-gun hemingway, so the americanj literarry tradition (and thus its capacity for thought) is alive and well. Rather the problem lies with the bougiousie, the Republican rulers, who see fit to indoctrinate the proletariat with the mythlore of religion.

This is very hard to escape. Religion reminds me of Obsesssive-compulsive disorder (OCD) en mass, where the people believe they have to do strange things, like go o church each slunday, or something bad will happen. It has been used for eons to control people, from Ankor-wat to machu-pichu, and now in washington, Now, I know from my blog-gazing and fanfic-reading that not all americans are infected – La Guera for one is highly critical of god, as shown in this passage:

`”…Whatever you have to. The only bad lie from now on is the one that doesn’t work. Tell her a convenient truth. Tell her you want to help because you know what it’s like to watch a friend suffer, watch them wither before your very eyes, while all you can do is cry and puke and send useless prayers to a God gone stone deaf and blind and half-mad from all the inhumanity He Himself has inflicted upon His “children”. Tell her you don’t want her to go through the same thing. It’s more truth than lie, and what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

However, writers and theiir peers aside, the states are infected with a braand of religion which seems to be an infusion of God and the allmighty dollar. Preachers appear on their telivision screens, telling bible stories with hilghly capitalist, rightist subtexts. the bible is now a tool for the marketeers: its only a matter of time before we hear sloggans such as “god drinks Coke”; we have already seen bush using god in his speeches .

Thus, god is now associatwd with all things american. – He is almost a figure of patriotism, as aamerican as apple pie. the americansseem ,to nneed him to validayte what theyre doing, like kids looking to theeir parents. Yet god”s mouth now lies with marketeers, biggots and absolute fools of the republican party, who use it to spurt their own agenda. And this is worrying.

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