return to hebden

Today for my film studies course, Aristede, Jane and rob the sports lsa took me back to my old school. I needed to get the storyboards done for film studies. It was odd, going back – it was all so familliar, yet so differenyt. I felt like a stranger among friends: i knew everyone there – mrs ellis, whom i have known since i was 9 or 10, said hi, as did mrs jackson, whom i have known, well, longer than I remember.

yet its also so different – theyve done much more building work, expanded the playground etc. which, i suppose, is the point: the hebden I knew is gone. time and tide wait for no man.. ths i doubt i will return there. It is part of my past, and though, academically speaking, it was as useful as an exploded blamonge, i still have a great affection for it. I suppose the chapter of my life entitled “hebden green school” closed for all time today.. It was long and good. A new chapter will begiin soon, and that will be called “university”.

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