night has fallen. the sky is deep, dark blue and fringed with low cloud, and there are no stars. I yearn for one. I yearn to leave this room and walk under the sky: under amazonian skies; under african skies. once again, i feel my feet itching. I want to see the far-off corners of the world: camping inv the serengeti, eatinng sushi in tokyo, drinking beer as the sun sets over sydney harbour.

these things will never happen. I am trapped in my body. i will never climb kilimanjaro, or see machu pichu. But in my mind I am free – free to walk in the grasslands of africa and the snows of the rockies. I see the salmoln in the stream, the wildebeast on the plain, and the whale in the sea. I hear music from africa and see pictures of these pllaces.

i am free, and travel must wait. good night, my friiends.

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