Matt’s bullshit theory of Reciprocal Fate

I’m writing from my brother’s house. It’s rather cool. The downside is now I have to think of something interesting to write about. Interesting enough so that Luke doesn’t say “this is boring” and stop taking my dictation. So I will explain my theory of Reciprocal Fate. It’s not the most scientific theory but in fact I think I pulled it out of my arse one night when I was feeling especially got at. Anyway here goes:

I was looking at how my brother’s do well at college. This morning on the way up here we were discussing my younger borther’s predicted grades at A Level and how easy he will get into university. It seems that way to me. And I thoguht that fate must even itself out somehow; that the law of averages must apply. Sometimes, I think I struggle and sometimes it seems that things are harder for me than it is for them. Therefore, I sometimes think that I get all the crap while they do well. This of course is bullshit and unscientific etc. But on the other hand if it is true, in a way I am happy because if I have CP it means that they can do well. I know I sound like Jesus Christ and I don’t really intend to but this is how I sometimes feel.

Anyway, this week Luke passed his motorbike exams, which is pretty damn cool although officially I’m not allowed to support him in this reckless activity. Congratulations bro.

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