prisoner of azkaban

We just got back from the cinema, where i saw the new harry potter film. i was glad to see that the film, like the books, are becoming more adult as they progress, and the prisoner of azkaban is thus a much more sophisticated film. This may, of course, have been connected with th change in drector – if ever one needed proofe of “auteur theory”, here it is.

indeed, the differences between chris columbus and Alfonso Cuaron are remarkable: Cuaron employs a far darker, more aatmospheric style; there is mmuch more emotion in the new film; the mise-en-scene is much more textured and is almost painterly – certain shots reminded me of the paintings of John Howe. compare for example the shots of hogwarts in the rain to very similar paintings of middle earth by howe and alan lee.

Thus this is a far more adul film – the ever-present quidditch scene is done in the rain. while alan rickmaans snape is as always broodingly excellent – i’m afraid la guerras unnatural liking for him seems to have rubbed off on me – the other characters, lupin and cirrius black are also highly impressive. They seem to have real emotion and depth. the acting, needless to say, has also improved, although there is hardly a scene without potter, granger and weasly in and i’m a little unsure about the new dumbledore.

while i still think that this series could do with a disabled charachteer, an that miss stanhope runs mr potter into the ground in terms of depth etc (see samples of my work), this is a vast improvement over the last two films, which look like kiddies cartoons in comparrison. I cant wait to see what Cuaron does with goblet of fire.

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