happy birthday luke

jjust having a lazy sunday morning here. the family are sitting in the conservetory in the jammaria (conservetory) reading the sunday papers. last night we went to the italian resteraunt in town – it was lovely. not that this matters, but I wore some cool trousers, with FLIES. i’ve been secretly craving decent kecks recently, not joggers. anyway, the night ruled. the waiters were excellent at makking us all layugh, and the food was superb, if hard to cchew. dad chose somme excellent wines, especially thee chianti.

what we have

what do we have here.

1 undergraduate bioinfomaticist, having used computers since he cam walk… can program the hind legs off a donky

1 phd student in physics, who can take apart a computer in seconds and then e have a troll, using a punctuation mark because sshe or he hasn’t the wit to find an alias. kiss goodbye to your computer!

and now for something completely different

…the arbouritum

It’s somewhere approaching freezing outside, but this place makes me feel tropical. I am sitting in the Arboretum – a place in the middle of the canteen with a high roof. It has tables to sit at, and beds planted with trees and shrubs. There is a palm and a pond with fish. It echoes in here with the sound of water. For some reason it reminds me of Stapely Water Gardens, and makes me feel botanical and scientific, which could explain my recent interest in dinosaurs and natural history.

a bit of housekeeping

well, last nite was cool in both senses ocf the word. I suspected it might freese so i took the chair to the disco; i didn’t fancy my chances of getting home safely. at 11,, security pushed me home, and the plan worked a trea.

I notice quite a discussion going onover my computer. becca vursus dad. its quite cool to have a friend fight my ccornerr for once – i appreciate it becs. however I just want both sides to know one thing: from what i have seen, both parties respect eachother loads. my parents seem rather fond of becca, and becca seems to like mum and dad, and for that matter the Lukester, aka afroboy. thus, if there appears to be annimosity on the reply threads, I strongly suspect it is an illusion.

that having been said, the quite insulting repliees of “.” really do nnot help. moreover, the fact that this person leaves comments while hiding behind a punctuation mark seems cowardly.

i’ll write a proper entry later.

the idiots

the idiots is the second dogme 995 film, and i watched it this evening. i found it both appauling and hillarious. its about a group of young people who ‘spaz out’ i.e, pretend to be mentally disabled, as a form of expression. they take it in turns tto be the minder, and go to public places like the swimming baths, where their assumed disability seems to give them carte blanche to behave abominably. the funniest scene is where one of them leaves his ‘retarded’ brother with a group of bikers, who end up takingg him to the loo. what is telling, though, is a scene where a few people with down’s syndome come to the house, and they act with prejudice.

please note, though, that this film is highly pornographic in parts.