a bit of housekeeping

well, last nite was cool in both senses ocf the word. I suspected it might freese so i took the chair to the disco; i didn’t fancy my chances of getting home safely. at 11,, security pushed me home, and the plan worked a trea.

I notice quite a discussion going onover my computer. becca vursus dad. its quite cool to have a friend fight my ccornerr for once – i appreciate it becs. however I just want both sides to know one thing: from what i have seen, both parties respect eachother loads. my parents seem rather fond of becca, and becca seems to like mum and dad, and for that matter the Lukester, aka afroboy. thus, if there appears to be annimosity on the reply threads, I strongly suspect it is an illusion.

that having been said, the quite insulting repliees of “.” really do nnot help. moreover, the fact that this person leaves comments while hiding behind a punctuation mark seems cowardly.

i’ll write a proper entry later.

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