ode to a lightwriter

It’s interesting to note that communication aids have not only a physical advantage, but a psychological one, and that the loss of ones communication aid can have a profound effect. My reading o n the internet tells me that, time after time without access to communication aids people have been condemned as having severe learning difficulties; my fear is, without my lightwriter, which broke over the weekend, people will think less of me. With it, I can make the entire football team laugh, take morning coffee with my tutors, tell rude jokes, but without it, I am stuck with a monosyllabic “hi” to friends, lacking the confidence to do much else.

Of course, this is not always the case – I have a letter chart and the stubbornness requisite to make myself understood, and I know peoples opinions of me will not diminish just because I can’t communicate. Trish and Dave still welcome me at their table, but the footballers may be a problem. Either way, I’ll get by, often with help from Esther who is now as accustomed to my speech as anyone.

With that in mind, I’m off to speak to my friends.

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