the sunday times is bog roll

the sunday times has really got me going today with a patently, blatently misguided and stupid feature on special scchools (not available online – see sunday times 12 june 05, p.13). it speaks out against integration. well, duh. of course integration isn’ working. when done properly, integration can and will work, no matter what some stupid paren might say. however, It mustt be done correcctly, and all students must be supported as their needs dictate. the fact that some kids might be having a tough time, and some particulrly stupid parents may want to mollycoddle their kids, is no reason to conclude that incusion doesn’t work. incclusion is a damn sight ccheapeer and academiccally more beneficial than sennding childdren to some dead end cripple ranch whicch innately fail kids. this article also favours loccking people with learning difficulties into homes – the writer of this has no idea of her subjecct.

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