he looks like a vulcan

I honestly think life today rules. Life at university I mean. It’s how I imagine normality to be. I’m half considering becoming a poster child for university!

On Monday night my friend Steve invited me to his place, to watch movies and chat. Yesterday, bill drove me round after tea: we had decided to meet at The Woodlands, and we waited outside that pub for about five minutes until stev showed up to guide us to their place.

This was a typical student place – a mess, with posters everywhere. Sort of grimey. I went in, and had quite a good evening just talking and watching films. I selected ‘You only live twice’ from their collection – I have a soft spot for bond – and we watched that. Quite a cool film. Did you notice, when they try to turn bond Japanese, he looks a bit like a Vulcan?

We then watched ‘Dude where’s my car?’ I have seen it before, and it still strikes me as inane, but funny.

So, just a typical, student evening. My mates were really great, and I’m trying to think of ways of returning the favour,

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