the final frontier

Ever since watching star trek as a child, I have dreamt of going into space. I honestly believe it is mankind’s destiny – if, indeed, such a thing exists – to explore the stars, as people once explored the oceans. James Cook once wrote in his log, that his mission was ‘To go further than any man had been before.’ That, I believe, is the raisin d’etre of humanity.

I think Richard Branson believes that too. He has joined forces with an American company to form virgin galactic, which will start launching suborbital passenger flights in 2007. these will take 6 or 7 people – enormously wealthy people, I might add – 100 kilometres up above the earth. From here, one can behold our home planet in her entirety. Just think, guys, what a view that would be!

Hut where will this end? Holidays on the moon? Bush is planning a manned mission to mars. Thence where? Perhaps soon, we will be able to fold space and travel faster than light. Then, surely, the real fun will begin.

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