I was very amused yesterday to read of the proceedings in the dover trial. This is the trial over whether intelligent design is science, and thus should be taught

in schools, or mere creationism. I read of how Michael Behe took the stand for the defence, and how he was demolished. He himself disproved his own theory of irreducible complexity by showing it’s sheer preposterousness.

[quote=” ” the core of Behe’s entire argument for ID is that irreducibly complex systems cannot evolve. Yet what does he admit under oath that his own study actually says? It says that IF you assume a population of bacteria on the entire earth that is 7 orders of magnitude less than the number of bacteria in a single ton of soil…and IF you assume that it undergoes only point mutations…and IF you rule out recombination, transposition, insertion/deletion, frame shift mutations and all of the other documented sources of mutation and genetic variation…and IF you assume that none of the intermediate steps would serve any function that might help them be preserved…THEN it would take 20,000 years (or 1/195,000th of the time bacteria have been on the earth) for a new complex trait requiring multiple interacting mutations – the very definition of an irreducibly complex system according to Behe – to develop and be fixed in a population.”[/quote]


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