alsager, Fl?

I’ve finally got round to blogging the election now all the fun is over. MMU just elected it’s new student representatives, although it must be said that it was quite a farcical affair. At one stage, comparisons with the events of Florida in 2001 were being made, as there were reports of the online voting system going down, and candidates putting extreme pressures on voters. I was just itching for someone to use the phrase dimpled or hanging chad. I got fed up with the whole affair when it appeared that the favourite candidate was being investigated on an obviously trumped up charge, and made a petition. I got about 50 people to sign.

In the end, however, this was not necessary, as Robert got elected. He was obviously the favourite as he is practically everybody’s friend, but I got outraged that he, of all people was being investigated. Anyway,, all’s well that ends well, and he should be an excellent union officer.

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