I went with a few friends to a contemporary music concert last night. Given that I was surprised to find I liked contemporary theatre last week, I was fairly optimistic, and went with an open mind. To be fair, there were some quite good musicians there, playing some good music. But there were other things which were simply bizarre, and I can only describe them as noise.

I have a pretty broad sense of what I define as art: it has two criteria – art must either be aesthetically pleasing, or say something. In other words, it must engage the observer on some level. Last nights performance, unlike those of last week, did neither. The was a comment on the dehumanising properties of popular culture; the art of corruption was a comment on the nature of art itself. They were both funny too. Last night’s…thing…held neither a message nor amusement. Most of it was simply the incessant making of noise for the sake of it, it seemed. Either that or taking themes from pre-written pieces and adding noise to them, which is kind of like me taking a line from Shakespeare and scribbling on it.. I’m sorry, but I just did not like it, but thiss, of course, is just my opinion. It was certainly experimental, and experimentation should always e encouraged.

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