klingon opera

For the last few days I have been mulling over a rather strange idea. Recently, for some reason, I’ve been into star trek again, and two days ago I was struck by a thought: in star trek, Klingons are famed for their operas, but given that so much has been created about the Klingons – Hamlet has been translated into Klingon, for god’s sake – why has nobody made an opera in Klingon? I have decided to try to rectify this.

I like opera. I have been to two at the RNCM (as good as any opera company) and, although I couldn’t relax on the night I went to Puccini’s La Rondine, enjoyed them both immensely. I find the art form powerful, as music can often express what prose cannot. Mind you, having seen two hardly qualifies me as an expert, but this can be rectified.

Mind you, I suspect Klingon opera will be very different from that which I heard magnificently performed up in Manchester. That was subtle, whereas Klingon opera will have to be harsh – indeed, it will have to sound completely alien (forgive the pun) to conventional music. In which case, my almost total lack of musical knowledge may be an advantage.

However, first I need to learn Klingon, which is a big problem. Then I need to set it to music. I’ll probably need to find a story, or create one in the Klingon bat’leth wielding style. This will be quite a challenge, but maybe I can get my drama student friends to perform it. That is a cool thought. It’d certainly make a cool film.


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