It’s probably a safe bet that Charles Clarke is going to go. There’s no denying that the current situation with regard to released prisoners is a fiasco, but do you really think it would not have happened under the Tories? Indeed, the only reason this problem emerged is because of a tracking system labour initiated. Before that we had no idea what the fuck was going on! Now a new tracking system is implemented, ensuring a little more accountability, and what happens? It shows up a problem which probably happened under Howard when he was home sectary. Goddamn hypocrites.

What gets my goat even more is the opposition and the right-leaning tabloids making this a big issue: it’s the governments fault, they cry, relating the issue to immigration. They seem to want to tie this issue to the rightist’s straw man in an obvious effort to incense the public. Oh please! I’m sorry, but no matter what David Cameron says, and no matter what the rag known as the Express may want you to believe, to speak of imposing limits on immigration is racist, at least as things stand. Britain is a prosperous nation, and we can afford, easily, to house these people. The only reason to impose limitations on the number of people coming into this country is if it would cause privations to the existing residents, and this is absolutely not the case. Thus the people who speak of these things are naught but xenophobes. Ok, perhaps these prisoners should have been deported, but that is an unrelated issue the mindless hacks at the express and the mail want to tie together.

There will be a reason why they weren’t: I daresay deporting them would have put them in danger. After all, they were at the end of their sentences. They had served their time: Clarke had no idea that they were going to re-offend.

I just wish the Tories would not criticise the government for not being as racist as they are. Fucking hypocrites.

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