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According to my father, I don’t say enough on my blog about being disabled. I think this is a very good issue to write about, as it raises a few important issues, like how far should I be focussed on my disability? Given what I like to call my unique perspective, should I only bee writing about disability-related issues here?

Maybe, but I refuse to let my disability govern my life. I am not the sum of the two letters, CP, but much more. Yes, I have ccerebral ppalsy, and yes I am proud of it, but if I write too much on that side of my life, things would get dull. Moreover, I think it important to illustrate how all us toids and crips are not just two-dimensional beings, but go out and grab life. Thus I like to write about university – both academically and socially – politics – I haven’t taken a swipe at David Cameron in ages though – and the many other things which take my interest. When the subject arises, of course I’ll write about disability, but in the meantime I’ll just jot stuff down about the stuff I find on the net, news, etc.

Nnote: a comment on the current situation in the middle east will be posted soon.

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