This year, Thursdays will probably get on mine and Esther’s nerves. It’s just so hectic. For one, my first lesson’s at 9, and I’m of the opinion that 9am lectures should be illegal, especially the morning after the Wednesday disco. I had to go to bed at 11 just to make sure I was up! It’s positively barbaric. Then, this afternoon, I had a film lecture from 3 till 6 – SIX would you believe. That’s after teatime. How dare they make me wait for dinner?

Mind you, both these lectures were fascinating. In writer’s contexts, instead of the usual wishy-washy ‘we say a sentence and you continue writing’, we actually learned something of art history. At last, I thought, something I can get my teeth into.

Film was even better. We learned mostly about philosophy in relation to film (too tired to relate it here) but I found it very stimulating. Alan seemed enthusiastic about my doing a PhD too!

This year is gonna be a good one!

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