Leaving colin behid

Tuesday mornings are a hurry. Home Help comes at 7; Esther comes at 8 (usually knocking on my window as I am fed breakfast) We have to get the taxi at 8.25 to be in Crewe for 9. It’s hectic and I am barely awake when Alan starts the lesson.

Things were going according to plan today. Home Help came on time, so Est didn’t have to see me in my night attire again. I ate breakfast and had got ready; we were on our way to Crewe and then…..

I have very few problems communicating with those who know me well I can talk to Esther no problem. However, I cannot communicate with people who do not know me well if I don’t have my LightWriter. If I try I get tense my arms rise into the moro position and my chest tightens. This happens especially with authority figures, so you can imagine my complete horror when half-way to Crewe we realised we had forgotten it.

It’s so silly, how can anyone forget ones voice? Nevertheless, I got into a panic. I suppose it’s rather like a security blanket in a way with it I know I can handle anything. I have access to the entire lexicon of language – the most powerful tool ever. Without it I am limited to a few monosyllabic words. For one who prises language this is scary.

We got home at about 1.30 and found my LightWriter still on charge. I almost hugged it – I felt whole again, able once more to prove my worth, ad vowing never to forget it again.

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