Bbc news has reported on something very worrying indeed. Disabled and visibly ill children are more likely to be bullies at school. To a certain extent this is obvious: one needs only to have been a kid to know how shallow and vicious they can be. Many cant seem to tolerate any difference whatsoever.

I fear that many people would look at this article and say ‘wouldn’t they be better off in a special school?’ at first this seems the obvious solution: keep the special kids away from their bullies. But a closer inspection reveals this analysis to be as moronic as it is condescending. Keeping kids apart only feeds prejudice against the ‘other’ when taught apart, kids learn to feel and resent difference even more, so when such kids do come into contact the bullying is ten times worse.

Obviously, Professor Al Aynsley-Green’s report will be ceased upon by the maria hutchings and David CaMoron’s of this world – people with absolutely no understanding of the issues – as evidence that inclusive education does not work. We must counter them with logic, inclusion does work and it is the only sensible solution to such problems.


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