u just need a sledgehammer

Today as part of widening participation (the scheme run here at mmu) I went to talk to people at the Hillary centre, Crewe. Joss west-Burnham asked me to do so a while ago: it is a centre for disabled adults, some of whom have had some quite negative experiences when it comes to learning. One man in particular was focussed too much on the barriers, but I told him the benefits and joy I get from uni life far exceeded the hastle.

It is true there are barriers to learning for some. Walls exist, but so do great big sledgehammers. I think I was there to reassure them that there are certainly ways their dreams can be for filled, whatever they are. whatever your age, ability or race, all dreams are achieavable: you just need a find a way.*

It was quite a pleasant afternoon. I went for an hour, discussing university life and answering questions. Such tasks make me feel proud of myself.

*It is the route, not the goal I questioned last friday

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