actors workshop day

Its been a long day, really. Today was the day of the actors workshop, and reasoning that I’ll one day need to learn about actors if I am ever to become a director, I went along to watch. Besides. Most of my friends were there.

Actors, I have decided, are weird. They seem to play games. Their warm up exercises are decidedly odd. They seem to be possessed of a power to turn emotion on and off like a plug socket. Its also odd to watch them rehearse: trying out different ways of saying things, trying to ratchet up intensity. Their misuse of the word ‘energy’ aside, it was most fascinating.

Tired as I am, there’s not much more I can write. Ii ate fish and chips at Tony’s house with Jim and, err, Tony, then watched an Eddie Izzard DVD; I only just got in. All in all, a good day

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