I’m back.

woohoo. this is working again. thankyou thankyou thankyou luke. anyway, I wrote the following last night

I’m not sure when my blog will be back up, but I’m writing this now while its fresh in my memory. I just got back from Onevoice with Steve; the more I go to Onevoice and am involved with it, the more I am convinced of it’s profound greatness. Do you ever get that feeling – that kick – when you are doing something, and you know it’s good, and you know your helping people? I get a buzz every time I go to Onevoice, knowing I’m contributing, actually making difference.

Mind you, it’s also a great social event: I meet lots of good friends there. I honestly think Tamsin and Katie – it’s organisers – are two of the greatest people ever to walk the earth. They work on a voluntary basis, and produce something truly magnificent, bringing joy to kids and much needed support to their families. My only regret about this weekend was that I didn’t speak to all the kids, or interact as much as I’d have liked. I didn’t like interrupting! Nevertheless, it was great to see them having fun, and if I can in any way help them do so, then I am honoured,

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