Diskjockeys are nobjockeys.

My plan failed at the last hurdle. Last Saturday, at Onevoice, a guy called andy made a track by mixing recordings of statements from the kids and rolemodels and putting it to a beat. If you ask me, it was a really good record, and the first time I heard it I decided I wanted to get it played at the chrisstmas disco in brandies.

I asked Andy (whose band is called the Victors) to send me a CD as soon as he could. He happily obliged, and it came yesterday. Embarrassingly, the cd was in a ballamorey case, so I spent most of yesterday carrying what looked like a kids TV programme around. Anyway, everything seemed to be going according to plan.

Last night was quite a cool night. Before the disco, there was a party In kellet with pretty much all my mates. I was, needless to say, dressed as a fairy, my costume trimmed with tinsel. We were all dressed up, with four of my mates going as each other. We played I have never, a very embarrassing game indeed.

After that, quite drunk though we all were (Steve actually carrying me down the stairs, to my great surprise) we all progressed to the bar. It was freezing! Nevertheless, upon getting to the bar, I handed Steve the cd and asked him to ask the dj to play the track.

The dj said he would do so – later. So I waited, dancing and drinking rather copious amounts. And I waited. And I waited. Having a 9am lecture, and probably looking tired, charlotte took me home at 11, the track still not having been played. I cursed the dj for his lack of taste, and fell asleep.

Well, I tried guys.

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