I must admit the pangs of homesickness returned last night. Believe it or not, I was in a church; my friends were giving a gospel choir concert, and I went along to listen. They were really really good, actually. Sat there in the church, with a decidedly festive spirit in the air, I suddenly thought of my parents and home. I wondered what was happening back there – my parents probably sat round the TV, or talking to mark or Luke on the phone.

Given the family home is about seven miles away, for about two seconds I wondered if I could get someone to drive me home. But then I realised my friends all felt the same way, and to do so would be very selfish. Indeed, there are people here from as far afielld as the united states who do not have such an option. I looked at a friend of mine from Texas, singing on the back row, and resolved to hug her as soon as I could.

After the concert came yet more singing. It was karaoke night in the plough, to which we all went after the show. The place was heaving, but we found a table near the stage. My friends, extroverts that they all are, performed, and it made me very happy when I got three of them to sing ‘nobody does it better’ by carly Simon. If I had gone home I’d have missed so much fun!

Home is home, a place where I’m always welcome, but university is so much cooler!


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