on principle

Sometimes principles suck. Yes, they may be necessary, if not vital, but they still suck. My university is on two campuses, with buses running between them. As with last year, I have lectures on both campuses, but until recently couldn’t get on the bus as it was inaccessible. Instead, I had to get my own taxi between the two.

This was all very well and good, as well as convenient, but I had a problem: I want to be as ‘regular’ student as possible, but the taxi was another thing that set me apart from the rest of the student body. Besides, surely it was more cost efficient just for the bus firm to send the wheelchair-accessible buses. Moreover, I couldn’t get my electric wheelchair into the taxi, which I saw as a big problem. I thus asked uni if wheelchair-accessible busses could be arranged.

I still think the principles behind this are great as I type this in a lovely, warm room, but was quietly cursing it earlier, waiting for a late bus at 6pm tonight in the freezing cold.

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