today, crewe, tomorrow, cairo

My recent realisation that travel on busses was both accessible and free for cripples inspired a little adventure today. Saturday afternoons are boring, and usually see me twiddling my thumbs in my room, or wheeling into alsager. However, I’m bored of both these things, so ii did a little experiment: could I get myself to Crewe and back on the bus, alone? Besides, perhaps I can find something to eat in Crewe better than pizza.

It sounds silly, really, but it was quite a risky endeavour: what if my chair got stuck? What if I got lost? Of course, there are risks associated with everything; if I couldn’t muster the courage to get to Crewe, how could I ever get to Calcutta, Cairo or Cairns?* So, first I researched which bus would take me to Crewe, whether I could get on it, and where it stops. This turned out to be the 20 from the bottom of church road, going to Crewe bus station, leaving every 20 minutes.

I went to the bus stop and alighted, after a short wait, the twenty, and less than twenty minutes later I was in Crewe bus station. I better say it’s rather difficult manruvering an f55 onto a bus, but nevertheless quite possible.

What I hadn’t realised that there’s nothing to do in Crewe that late in the day, and, in the end, I decided to eat at MacDonald’s. even so, it’s the fact that I did it that counts. Given that it is free, this may be just the first of many such adventures.

*mind you, i’ll take a p.a when going to such places

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