I am not a burning boat

I’ve been all too miserable recently. Things are starting to wrap up here at college, my friends starting to leave. I have to decide whether to go home in two weeks and commute in, since I still have stuff to do here, or stay here in halls, for which I’d need a new p.a, as charlotte is going home on the first. No p.a, no dinner. Hungry cripple. Bad medicine. Cant decide what to do.

This problem is getting to me, as there are too many variables. How feasible is commuting etc. Argh. I prefer essays. Writing essays I can manage. Making decisions never!

Time to cheer up. I heard today of the tragic news about the cutty sark. I should be sad, but I’m not because it will be rebuilt. It is part of our heritage. If that problem can be overcome, so can mine. Okay, I’m not a 19th century tea clipper, nor have I recently been on fire, but you get the idea. Mine is, in the grand scheme, a minor problem.

Right. Time to stop typing drivel and actually do something.

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