to the stage!

In the breaks between doing my various assorted tasks, including, but not limited to, drinking coffee and talking, I am still going to the final music performances. Charlie’s last one was today: it was good, workmanlike, but, I hesitate to say, didn’t have quite as much panache as her violin recital. Jess, however, did quite a good set of operatic arias, including one from Bizet. I just love Carmen, and it was a joy to hear live. It must be noted that our main theatre on campus – The Axis – doesn’t have the brilliant acoustics of, say, the bruntwood at the RNCM, so its not a great venue. Frankly, it reminds one of a school hall, and the fact that my music student friends have the total mark of one unit resting on this performance is enough to raise ones eyebrow.

Speaking of theatres, last night Kate c and I came up with quite a good idea. We are going to collaborate writing and directing a play. I better not record the details here – it is, after all, only in the embryonic stage – but I’m quite excited about it. I really hope it takes off. Well, watch this space!

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