of nightmares and new CDs

Ye gads and little fishes! Never have I been so relieved to wake up than I was this morning. I was having a nightmare, dreaming that my brother had been executed by the French. Ii can’t remember what for, but it was terrible. I remember thinking ‘but he only got his PhD yesterday’. Bloody miserable dream. It’s all Graham’s fault: him and his Outsider. We were all very upset.

I woke up and smiled. The French had not executed mark, after all. Yay! I was in bed, and the sun was up. I dressed, and went to find breakfast, hugging mum on my way. The day got better when I saw, on the kitchen table, my Cat Empire CD! Yay! These guys rule man: as I say, c got me into them, listening to them on Wednesdays before brandies. Their music is just so lively, and will always remind me off the best times. Its music to chase the demons of the night away.

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