the bbc etc

The house is quiet again. Everyone left this morning. I’m just pottering about, doing this and that. I may start the final hary potter book, or just watch Jeremy Kyle, later. I should also do some research, I know, but it’s (nominally) summer, and I reckon I can chill a bit.

Oddly enough, broadly my area of research is on the news, or perhaps is the news. I am interested in filmic semiotics and grammatics – that is, how moving images can be manipulated in order to change their meaning. As we all know, the bbc is currently in trouble for changing the order of shots so that they convey a different meaning. They have, in short, turned fact into fiction. this, to me, is utterly indefensible: we look to the bbc for fairness and accuracy. Can we still trust the bbc? I’m not sure.

However, I am sure that it’s not only auntie’s problem. If this happens at the bbc, why not itv or sky. I daresay it’s only because of the way in which the bbc is funded that this problem was found. I was reading the Sunday times yesterday, and found Rod Liddle’s article on the subject. While liddle makes some good points, the article was glib, poorly written and sneering. The Sunday times, of course, is owned by Rupert Murdoch; this makes me very angry. For the owner of fox, the most biased news organisation since Goebells, to mount such an attack on the bbc, seems hypocritical to say the least. I also dislike the way conservatives dislike the bbc because it doesn’t reflect their values. All this means is that the bbc is open minded and unbiased. If the bbc was changed to reflect ‘their values’ we would get a highly distorted view of the world.

Yes, the bbc is liberal, but all liberality means is fairness and open-mindedness. To be as accurate and objective, one must present all side of the story. Only then can one know the truth. Given that the world can only be observed by human eyes, and there is no independent, omniscient observer, objective truth is a myth. There is only a plethora of observing-positions and therefore values. All values are valid. Surely, any news corporation should embrace this.

The bbc, in it’s liberality, does this usually. This is why it was the most trusted news broadcaster on earth. Is this still true? I’m no longer sure.

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