I’ve been looking at facebook a lot lately. Most of my friends are on there, and the photos they post contain many wonderful memories for me: events like Newquay, the last brandies, graduation. I love looking at them, which is why I have many such photographs on my bedroom wall, but I do feel that me and cameras don’t mix! In most such photos my eyes seem firmly shut. Leaving aside the pictures where I am in fact asleep, whenever the camera comes near me I get the irresistible compulsion to close my eyes. I do not like doing this as I feel it ruins an otherwise brilliant photo – one which my friends also cherish – but I don’t think I can help it. It seems to be my natural reaction to cameras.

The problem is cameras make me self-conscious: every time a camera is pointed at me, all my attention is diverted to looking good. My face tenses, and I try to grin (I usually end up showing to much teeth). As a result, my eyes often close. Well, I think that’s how it works. Don’t get me wrong – I adore these pictures. Rocky gave me one of her, me and Vikki in brandies which is now pinned to my wall; on facebook, there is one of me and Emma I especially like; of course, there are the framed photos Charlie gave too me for my birthday, which I love. It’s just that photos rarely seem to get my good side.

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