zooming about ornimental gardens

I hope it not too optimistic of me to say that summer seems finally to be here. At last bright sunshine is streaming through my bedroom window, and there is blue sky. It may be breezy, but it is sunny enough for beer on the patio. My parents and I went to arley hall this morning, for a walk around the gardens. It was nice. Great for bombing around on one’s electric wheelchair. I’ve been stuck inside for the past few weeks, but now dad’s home, and the weather is better, I can get out more. The gardens there are beautiful, and huge. There are many winding paths to follow.

On the way back we played pub cricket, and then had a beer on the patio while reading a very interesting article in the culture section of the Sunday times on westerns. With my degree, the memories it brought with it, and with my friends just the other side of email or facebook, life cant get much better. Bring on the summer.

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