wheres my whip and fedora?

You know, perhaps I should have been an archaeologist. Then, instead of just moseying over to the wes to read or write, I could say cool stuff like ‘Pack your bags, est, we’re off to hunt for crystal skulls.’ Then we could go on adventures instead of just hanging around rainy old alsager. I’d need a cool name, something like…Indiana!

Mind you, real archaeology, fascinating though it is, mostly concerns digging holes rather than going on adventures. Nevertheless, from what I read, there really have been figures like dr. Henry ‘Indiana’ Jones – Belzoni etc – which is probably why this video has me jumping up and down with excitement. I cant wait,

interesting prospect

Yes, yes, I know I’m getting very lax at updating this thing. I used to try to do it every day, but these days that is proving difficult. I’m busier than I was; or, perhaps, lazier.

Anyway, after the party Saturday night I went home yesterday for Sunday lunch and Palin. Saturday night was great – jen and ash throw great parties, although I tended to ignore their so-called rules (for example, you couldn’t say ‘drink’). Mayer seemed thoroughly bemused by it all, although I think he had a good time.

However, I think my lightwriter needs replacing. It’s refusing to take charge. Mind you, it is about eight. Dad has suggested I look into getting a new model of VOCA, which is a very interesting idea. I’m considering opting for a minspeak system – not only do I hear it’s faster, but it would be interesting to learn what is essentially a new language. Any suggestions on this subject would .be greatly appreciated.


Sorry about there being no bloggage yesterday. Thing is, nothing interesting happened; well, not until the end at least. Dr. fair delivered a most interesting refresher lecture on Lacan, and I instantly heard alarm bells ring. His concept of ‘the real’ disrupting the symbolic order is very similar, to me at least, to the barthesian idea of the punctum and the Kathleen idea of the cinephiliac moment. Of course, I need to read up on Lacan, but now I know where to go next with my MA. To be honest, I’m having great fun engaging with the various arguments. I have 5000 words down already.

Adding to it, however, might have to wait till Sunday or Monday. Tomorrow I have a post grad meeting up in Manchester from 9 till 3 (why does it have to be a Saturday) then, in the evening, jen and ash are throwing a Halloween party. This promises to be great fun: a few of my old year might be coming, and it will be great to see them. What’s more, I think Mayer’s coming! If he does, it will be great – I’d love to show him campus, and all my friends here. Kind of like my old world meets my new world. I think I’ll try to encourage him to come to university; I see no reason why that wouldn’t be possible – he’s just as clever as I am. I suspect, too, that film would suit him, as would acting, perhaps. Anyway I’ll discuss it with him. It would be great to catch up. Mind you, what he says when he sees what I’m wearing tomorrow night I dread to think.

Cripes its twenty to ten already. Better get busy. Much to organise!

opening pandoras box

I was wrong! Totally, gloriously wrong!

Today I once again started the hunt for my friends. It has been eight months or so since I went looking for Richard, and, since then I have been too scared to go looking for the rest of my friends from school. I was scared that I’d only find more sorrow. But today, having added quite a bit too my thesis and finding myself in need of a stroll, I tapped the name ‘lee mayer’ into the online phone book, and finding one in Crewe, decided to go a-hunting.

I printed map, caught the 20, and was on my way, nervous at what I might find. The map lead me straight to the place with only a little hassle. I rolled up to the door, and knocked. At first I thought I had the wrong place, for this guy with a beard answered. Mayer, it seems, needs a shave.

After he accused me, in jest, of stalking him, we spent the afternoon chatting. I had to leave all too soon, but I was pleased to hear donno and phill are still very much about, although the latter is, in Mayer’s words, ‘still fat’. Anyway, it was great to see him, and hopefully he’ll come to visit me on campus soon. Yay!

circus concerns

Sorry I haven’t updated this site since Thursday. on Friday, I was busy, then I was home for the weekend where my pc isn’t set up. Blogging is my addiction (well, one of three or four, actually) and I stat feeling guilty if I can’t do it every day or so. I’m not sure why, but it’s not dissimilar to my compulsion to show off.

Anyway, while I was at home, I found that the most recent issue of Speak Out had been delivered. This is the one voice magazine. This edition carried news of mine and Katie’s graduation successes, as well as a report of the gospel choir donation, which, if I bump into them, I’ll show Dom and the head of music. It gave me great pride in reading of everyone’s successes.

There was,, however, one thing which I’m not entirely sure about. Far be it for me to begrudge a fellow cripples success – I am, after all, just a pseudo-intellectual whizzing around campus talking bollox about Lacan – but I’m not too keen on Toby’s business. He goes into schools talking about disability. From what I can gather, he gives talks and demonstrations to school children on disability and social acceptance. Now, I’m all for such things, especially about raising awareness of disability among kids. I just think A) there are better ways to achieve such things and B) that Toby’s approach may be counter productive. To me, to go into schools and say ‘look at me, I have cp’ smacks of tokenism (as dr. West-Burnham recently pointed out). It reminds me of a zoo: ‘look, I have an iguana and a cripple to show you today, kids’. It is far better to actually teach disabled kids alongside able-bodied kids: this way, the lesions will be much longer-lasting. Moreover, Toby’s approach will in fact re-enforce ideas of difference: by setting himself up as a ‘special event’, he is in Marxist language fettishising himself. I admit I had similar ideas once, but there was always this worry that I might turn myself into a three ring circus. To the kids he talks to, disability will be seen as a rarity, something uncommon to be explored. In short, freakish. I really don’t like this sort of tokenism, and fear it may be doing more harm than good.

anti cripple art

Thursdays are always long. I have a 4 to 7 film lecture in Crewe, which really knackers me. I’m shattered and intend to hit the hay right after posting this. anyway, earlier today, during breakfast, I was watching bbc news. They had a piece about this years turner prize candidates, one of which was simply a piece of wood stretched across the corridor. Now, writers contexts 3 last year gave me a better appreciation of fine art, but this piece just struck me as stupid. Obviously, it would be impossible to get a wheelchair over it (I presume your meant to step over it) and hence in terms of meaning it was virtually a sign saying ‘no cripples’. Did anyone else notice it, or am I misreading it? I’ll ask professor fisher next time I see him.

ambiguously political monologues

I was at a bit of a loose end last night. I never want to work much in the evenings, when typing is at it’s hardest, and jen and ash, who I usually pop in on, were busy learning lines. So, reluctant to spend the night in my room, alone, and noticing there was a performance on in the arts centre, I took myself over to the axis theatre. A theatre company were performing a series of monologues there; they were quite good, and it was actually extremely thought provoking. The theme concerned the split between country and the city, segregation, race – I couldn’t quite work out their politics, although, in retrospect, this is a good thing as it allowed you to make your own mind up.

Lynn and faythe were there, and afterwards we went to brandies for aa nightcap. After a while, the cast came in, and eventually we got chatting. I must say I was very impressed to find out that one of the cast had met both Gandalf and Picard, I mean sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, but I didn’t find out much more about the politics of the show. Whose side was it on, if any?

This is why I love uni – being able to cruise over to the theatre to take in a show after a day of study. Yes, academia suits me very well indeed.


Today has been okay. Started by reading, then wrote 1001 words on why the cinephiliac moment is not punctum. Then, this afternoon I was looking for something to put on my blog. After a while looking through silly videos made by phyios, I came across this: CRIPPLEPORN! Mwahahaha


historic double

Although it was my friend gilles (pronounced jeel) birthday this weekend, I’m pleased to announce a historic win over the French – in conkers! Not only did we beat them in rugby, but we also tthwacked them at conkers. Mwahahaha! Now who’s mother is the hamster?